YES..! Some sound samples….

Not at all proffesional demo’s (I am a builder, not a player) but I did manage to get some sound recordings in my living room (ouch that room acoustic!) .. hope you get at least some impression of the four voices.

1] clean but not spanky, tried to make this channel easy to play and inviting to solo on.. some very nice clean natural tube compression in this voice.

2] Vintage Crunch. Cocky, loud, pure, simple gain structure, mot much filtering at all, in ur face.. and not very forgiving. You actually have to be able to play guitar.. it wont hide ur mistake and sloppiness. Trust me, I know…

3] Crunch with some pissed off  asymmetric clipping in there so that solo’s stand out and sing. More gain too

4] Hi-gain saturation with the wonderful chocolate waterfall thunderous smooth rhythm sound, yet articulate single low notes capabilities…not at all mesa rectifier, more in to modern German territory on this one.

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